Introduction of Guests
(20 March 2018)

From Hansard - 20 March 2018

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Volunteer Crop Reporters

Hon. Mr. Stewart: — Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, to you and through you, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce, in your gallery, a group of very dedicated volunteers, the Ministry of Agriculture’s crop reporters. From seeding to harvest, a network of crop reporters provides valuable information that many people and institutions rely on, both locally and internationally. Having accurate and timely crop reports available each week allows international traders to better predict market trends.

Local producers are able to plan and evaluate each crop season to make the best business decisions. These decisions are crucial to strengthening our economy in Saskatchewan. This information is collected each week by a small army of dedicated volunteers. Each year, we celebrate those volunteers who have offered their time for 25, 35, and 40 years. By my calculations, the group we are honouring today has collectively contributed to a remarkable 9,000 crop reports.

I want to recognize and thank each of the volunteer crop reporters here today. As I announce their names, I ask that each crop reporter and spouse stand to be recognized by the legislature.

And for 25 years of experience we have Wayne Olson of the RM [rural municipality] of Lakeside; Diane and Marcel Perrin of the RM of Duck Lake; Aaron Koob of the RM of Viscount, who was not able to attend today.

For 35 years of service we have Keith Stacy of the RM of Moose Range; Murray Janis of the RM of Glen Bain and not able to attend today; Lawrence Beckie of the RM of McCraney, who was not able to attend today.

For 40 years of service we recognize Glen and Liz MacKenzie of the RM of Pinto Creek; Dave and Irene Ehman of the RM of Craik; Cecil and Mary Reimer of the RM of Barrier Valley. Thank you, and you may be seated.

Thank you, everyone. We really do appreciate what you do. Your dedication and volunteerism are examples of what makes Saskatchewan such a great place to live, and you make an incredible contribution to the agricultural economy in our province. Thank you.

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