2016 Legislative Report Archive

Welcome to my Legislative and MLA Report archive. Please click on the appropriate link for a past report you may be interested in:

  1. Legislative Report (15 December 2016) - Population Growth; Regina Bypass Construction; Provincial Parks
  2. Legislative Report (8 December 2016) - Energy Investment; Equivalency Agreement; P3 Builds; Safe Winter Driving
  3. Legislative Report (1 December 2016) - Fall Session Summary
  4. Legislative Report (24 November 2016) - Falling Tax Revenue Requires Fiscal Restraint; Wait Times for Surgery in Saskatchewan Among Shortest in Canada; Government of Saskatchewan Supports National Housing Day; Saskatchewan Children Benefiting from Enhanced Education Savings
  5. Legislative Report (17 November 2016) - Carbon Tax Hurts Saskatchewan; Manitoba Joins New West Partnership; Manufacturing Sales Jump; Prospective Foster Family Training Online; Growing Awareness for Men’s Health
  6. Legislative Report (10 November 2016) - Honouring Saskatchewan Veterans; Scholarship of Honour; Agrocorp Relocating to Saskatchewan; NDP Refuses to Debate Ideas That Support Adding Jobs
  7. Legislative Report (3 November 2016) - Government Taking Action to Combat Impaired Driving; Saskatchewan People Oppose Ottawa’s Carbon Tax
  8. Legislative Report (27 October 2016) - Federal Carbon Tax; Support For Psychological Injuries; MRI Waitlist Reductions; More Doctors Practising; Free Flu Shots
  9. Legislative Report (20 October 2016) - Premier Outlines Saskatchewan Position on Climate Change
  10. Legislative Report (6 October 2016) - New Federal Carbon Tax; Saskatchewan Population Growth; STC Senior Seat Sale
  11. Legislative Report (22 September 2016) - Saskatchewan Exports to Asia; Self-Directed Funding Model; Changes to Cottage Wineries and Micro Distilleries; Community Rink Affordability Grants
  12. Legislative Report (8 September 2016) - Education Funding & Infrastructure; Children’s Vaccinations; Public Hearings On Organ and Tissue Donation
  13. Legislative Report (25 August 2016) - New Cabinet; Health Region Advisory Panel; Economic Success; Seniors STC Discount; Nominations For Sask Volunteer Medal
  14. Legislative Report (11 August 2016) - Grain Transportation; Job Creation Stats; Building Permit Numbers; Carbon Capture Facility Update
  15. Legislative Report (28 July 2016) - Husky Oil Spill Response; Upgrades to Lake Area Highways; Nominations Open for Premier’s Service Club Award and Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Public Service
  16. Legislative Report (14 July 2016) - Job Growth; New Online System for Businesses; RFP Open for Retail Liquor Store Permits; Investments into Bridges; Celebrating Saskatchewan’s Parks
  17. Legislative Report (7 July 2016) - First Home Plan; Homebased Food Businesses; SaskAlert App; Free Fishing Weekend
  18. Legislative Report (30 June 2016) - Keeping Promises and Keeping Saskatchewan Strong
  19. Legislative Report (23 June 2016) - Investing in Student Success to Keep Saskatchewan Strong; Investments in Housing Creating Jobs in Saskatchewan; Innovative Project Poised to Reach Five Year Goal Early; Saskatchewan and Québec Joining Forces on Carbon Capture and Storage
  20. Legislative Report (16 June 2016) - Saskatchewan’s Population Continues to Grow; Changes to Compassionate Care Leave Benefits; Family Matters Program Available Province-Wide; Government Introduces Legislation to Improve Saskatchewan Auto Injury Coverage
  21. Legislative Report (9 June 2016) - Record Highways Investment Continues; Liquor Modernization Act Introduced; Patient Choice Medical Imaging Act Introduced to Allow Private CT Scans
  22. Legislative Report (2 June 2016) - Keep Saskatchewan Strong: Provincial Budget 2016-17
  23. Legislative Report (26 May 2016) - First Home Plan Open for Application; Provincial Parks Open for the Season; Work Zone Safety Shouldn’t Take A Holiday
  24. Legislative Report (19 May 2016) - Throne Speech Outlines Government's Agenda to Keep Saskatchewan Strong
  25. Legislative Report (2 March 2016) - Saskatchewan Investing in Student Success; Private-Pay MRI Services Begin; Joint Government Funding for New Infrastructure Projects; New Energy Investment; New North Battleford Hospital Construction Update
  26. Legislative Report (24 February 2016) - Keeping the Saskatchewan Advantage; Record Municipal Revenue Sharing; Final Designs of New Joint-Use Schools Unveiled; New Affordable Rental Housing; Enhancing Healthcare in Southeast Saskatchewan
  27. Legislative Report (17 February 2016) - Physician Numbers Continue to Rise; Citizen Health Information Portal (CHIP) Pilot Program; Access to MRI Services Improving in Saskatchewan; Agriculture Trade Mission to India; SGI Customers Can Now Print Their Own Vehicle Registration
  28. Legislative Report (10 February 2016) - Strong Saskatchewan Job Growth; Assistance for Oil Services Sector; Agri-Food Exports Surpass Target; Investing In Innovation; No Education Mill Rate Increase in 2016; Free Fishing This Family Day Long Weekend
  29. Legislative Report (3 February 2016) - Saskatchewan In A Strong Position to Manage Economic Challenges; New Rules Keep Consumers Informed; Saskatchewan Parks Announce 2016 Campsite Reservation Launch Dates
  30. Legislative Report (27 January 2016) - Saskatchewan Well Positioned to Meet Economic Challenges
  31. Legislative Report (20 January 2016) - Red Tape Awareness Week; Agricultural Research Funding
  32. Legislative Report (13 January 2016) - Strong Saskatchewan Economy Despite Challenges; Stability of Saskatchewan Government Yields Investment; Making It Easier for Parents of Newborns to Apply for Benefits; 2016 Saskatchewanderer Ready to Explore
  33. Legislative Report (6 January 2016) - Keeping Saskatchewan Strong in 2016; Indexation Will Save Saskatchewan Taxpayers; New Essential Services Legislation; New Laws for Farmland Ownership; Year of Saskatchewan Ukrainians

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