Past Legislative Reports

Welcome to my Legislative and MLA Report archive. Please click on the appropriate link for a past report you may be interested in:

  1. Legislative Report (25 June 2020) - Re-Open Saskatchewan; Education Infrastructure; Clare's Law; Municipal Economic Program
  2. Legislative Report (18 June 2020) - Budget Highlights; Re-Opening Continues; Protecting Firearms Ownership
  3. Legislative Report (11 June 2020) - K-12 Students Returning to Classrooms on September 1; Phase 3 Underway
  4. Legislative Report (28 May 2020) - Economic Stimulus; Re-Open Saskatchewan
  5. Legislative Report (12 March 2020) - COVID-19 Update; Saskatchewan Budget To Be Presented on March 18; Improving Our Quality of Life; Funding Announced for Prince Albert Hospital Expansion; Improving Saskatchewan’s Job Market
  6. Legislative Report (5 March 2020) - Spring Session of Legislature Begins; Highway Investments Continue; Improving Our Quality of Life; Increasing Transparency & Accountability in Government
  7. Legislative Report (27 February 2020) - Alberta Court Rules Carbon Tax Unconstitutional; Agenda for Continued Growth; Growth Leads to Greater Investment in Education
  8. Legislative Report (13 February 2020) - A Growing Saskatchewan is a Strong Saskatchewan; Investing in Infrastructure Continues
  9. Legislative Report (30 January 2020) - Reducing Red Tape; Making Saskatchewan Roads Safer
  10. Legislative Report (16 January 2020) - Ensuring Saskatchewan Continues to Grow; Strong Job Growth Continues; Preparing Tomorrow’s Workforce; Growing Saskatchewan’s Technology Sector; Improving Our Education Curriculum; Attracting Entrepreneurial Talent
  11. Legislative Report (2 January 2020) - Achieving the Right Balance During 2019; Opposition to Federal Carbon Tax Continues; Setting Goals for the New Decade

Archived Reports