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(5 May 2015)

From Hansard - 5 May 2015

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Saskatchewan Agriculture Student Scholarship Recipients

Hon. Mr. Stewart: — Thank you, Mr. Deputy Speaker. Mr. Deputy Speaker, to you and through you I would like to recognize this year’s Saskatchewan Agriculture Student Scholarship recipients. The Saskatchewan Agriculture Student Scholarship is an important part of the Ministry of Agriculture’s ThinkAg initiative. Through this initiative we are able to maintain a positive, accurate perception of agriculture among our province’s youth.

Each year the Government of Saskatchewan recognizes four young people for their passion and dedication to agriculture. They’ve spent countless hours completing school work, taking part in extracurricular activities, and getting first-hand experience in the agriculture industry.

Winning this scholarship is not easy. This year we received 18 outstanding applications. Choosing our top four proved difficult, and choosing a grand prize recipient was even more so. These four individuals represent the future of the agriculture industry in the province. They are bright, innovative, and dedicated.

Seated in your gallery, Mr. Speaker, are the scholarship winners, and I ask them to wave as I announce their names: Morgan Heidecker of Middle Lake has been chosen as the grand prize scholarship winner. Morgan submitted a video explaining that she wants to work in agriculture because it is a timeless industry with global possibilities. Morgan will begin studies at the College of Agriculture and Bioresources at the University of Saskatchewan this coming fall. As the winner of the grand prize scholarship, she has earned $4,000 to help pay for her studies.

Our three runner-up winners were each awarded $2,000 to be used in the same manner. In no particular order, our three runner-up winners are Shelby Evans of Kenaston who will be attending the College of Agriculture and Bioresources at the University of Saskatchewan. Shelby grew up on a cattle ranch. In her application video, she explained that it is her dream to manage her family ranch and purebred cattle business.

Cassandra Maurer of Grenfell will be taking the agricultural machinery technician program at Parkland College. Cassandra is attracted to the agriculture industry because of how dynamic and technologically advanced it is. Her application showed us how truly appreciative she is of the accomplishments every member of our agriculture industry works to achieve.

Alyxandria Harland of Lloydminster, who was not able to join us today, will also be attending the College of Agriculture and Bioresources at the University of Saskatchewan. Alyxandria’s dream is to become a veterinarian. In her essay she says she looks forward to building working relationships with cattle producers as their veterinarian.

Each of our four recipients are eager to showcase their pride in the agriculture industry. I’d like to thank all of the scholarship recipients for their dedication and passion for agriculture. I look forward to seeing what you each achieve.

I ask all members to join me in welcoming this year’s winners of the Saskatchewan Agriculture Student Scholarship to their legislature.

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