Heritage Property

Heritage property information comes from Directory of Provincial and Municipal Heritage Property in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan has 40 Provincial Heritage Properties and about 750 Municipal Heritage Properties, 31 of which are located in Thunder Creek Constituency. More detailed information is available in the directory above.

  1. Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, Central Butte Lodge
  2. Prairie Pioneer Museum Site (Craik)
  3. Craik Town Hall/Fire Hall/Opera House
  4. Hall Residence (Herbert)
  5. Klassen Museum (Herbert)
  6. Parlee Residence (Herbert)
  7. St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church (Herbert)
  8. Lumsden Plaza
  9. Morse School
  10. Future Museum (Regina Beach)
  11. Regina Beach Golf Course Clubhouse
  12. Anglican Church Property (Bethune)
  13. Bank of Commerce (Brownlee)
  14. Bank of Toronto (Chaplin)
  15. St. Lucy's Anglican Church (Dilke)
  16. Town Hall (Elbow)
  17. Bethel Scandinavian Luteran Church (Elbow)
  18. Ernfold School
  19. Bank of Hamilton (Mortlach)
  20. All Saints Anglican Church (Pense)
  21. Tugaske School (Destroyed by Fire)
  22. Nuttall Farm Residence (R.M. of Pense)
  23. Freidensfel Krimmer Mennonite Brethren Church (R.M. of Excelsior)
  24. Emmanuel Lutheran Church (R.M. of Lumsden)
  25. Fox Homestead Site (R.M. of Lumsden)
  26. Kidd Farm Residence (R.M. of Lumsden)
  27. Miller Farm Site (R.M. of Lumsden)
  28. Seed Farm Site (R.M. of Lumsden)
  29. St. Matthew's Anglican Church Site (R.M. of Lumsden)
  30. St. Nicholas Anglican Church Site (R.M. of Lumsden)
  31. St. Columba Anglican Church Site (R.M. of Marquis)
Former Freidensfeld Krimmer Mennonite Brethren Church, RM of Excelsior
(Photo Courtesy Sask Heritage Property Directory)