Legislative Report (10 August 2007)

Saskatchewan Party Celebrates 10th Anniversary

On August 8, 1997 a group of eight MLAs from differing backgrounds made a leap of faith that would forever alter the political landscape in the province of Saskatchewan. They formed a political party based on eight guiding principles. Those principles are as relevant, and as important, today as they were a decade ago.

  1. The Saskatchewan Party is committed to growth and job creation through the private sector, not government. The private sector is the engine of the economy.
  2. Smaller, less intrusive, more efficient government.
  3. Steady, gradual reduction in government spending and taxation while maintaining a firm commitment to balanced budgets.
  4. A high-quality health care system for all Saskatchewan people, regardless of where they live within the province.
  5. A strong social safety net, which protects those who truly need support while encouraging individuals to become self-sufficient.
  6. Democratic reform to make government more responsive to the people it serves.
  7. Individual freedom and the equality of opportunity for all citizens.
  8. The constant improvement of Saskatchewan’s economic and social conditions within a strong and united Canada.

The wisdom of these eight founding members has been proven by the success the Saskatchewan Party has enjoyed since that original leap of faith by its founders. A strong rural base has expanded to include three urban members elected in the last provincial election. The Saskatchewan Party is a group advocating a fresh, innovative and new approach that can viably replace years and years of stagnation and mediocrity delivered by the NDP.

Even without forming government, the Saskatchewan Party has had tremendous influence on the development of public policy in this province. Because of the influence the party has demonstrated, the people of Saskatchewan have benefited through cuts to income taxes, lower business and property taxes plus the abandonment of plans by the NDP to introduce regressive changes to labour laws that would have hurt our economy.

In the words of a newspaper columnist recently, “virtually every NDP agenda item over the past six years…has been an attempt to match a Saskatchewan Party initiative”.

On the evening of August 8, 2007 more than five hundred people gathered in a park in Saskatoon to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Saskatchewan Party. Those who attended that night resolved once again to work even harder to fulfill the true promise of the Saskatchewan Party—bringing new leadership to Saskatchewan.

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