Legislative Report (1 August 2007)

No Remorse from Chequebook Lorne

Remember the public outrage that ensued after Chequebook Lorne stroked a cheque for $275,000 to Murdoch Carriere, the bureaucrat who was fired for harassment and convicted of assault? Remember during the spring legislative session when all of the sordid details of the Carriere scandal were exposed?

The NDP paid off Carriere – plus topped up his pension, while the nine women he harassed in the workplace for years got almost nothing. Women came forward complaining that Murdoch Carriere was harassing them way back in 1994 and no one in the NDP would even listen. These brave women are still left with no answers while Carriere walked away a lot richer. More than 7,500 people wrote in telling Lorne Calvert and his NDP that what they did was DEAD WRONG.

Well, five months later, he’s still trying to justify his actions. Instead of apologizing and admitting they should have fought the issue in court as former NDP Justice Minister Eric Cline said in 2003, Lorne Calvert has decided to write back to all people who complained about his actions – AGAIN trying to defend the NDP. The NDP cannot convince the public, or even most of their own party faithful, that paying Carriere off was the right thing to do. It’s time for Calvert to stop trying to defend the indefensible. Saskatchewan people are smarter than that.

And speaking of Saskatchewan people being smarter than the NDP think they are, Chequebook Lorne is striking again. He is writing cheques faster than can be printed. Since June 1 of this year, the NDP has spent more $325 million (a figure that rises every day) on all kinds of projects (many in constituencies where the NDP is in trouble). That works out to $5.3 million per day! Could there be an election on the horizon?!?

For the sixteen years the NDP has been in power, they have neglected our highways, health care system, community infrastructure projects and more. Now, out of desperation, the NDP is finally turning its attention to many of these issues that should have been dealt with years ago. Saskatchewan people know the tired, old NDP are just trying to buy their vote.

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