Legislative Report (25 April 2007)

Serious New Allegations at the Legislative Building

New allegations of a serious nature are beginning to surface at the Saskatchewan Legislature. Members of the NDP caucus are responsible for a decade-long cover up of fraud and theft of government funds. According to documents leaked to the Saskatchewan Party, a former NDP office manager took nearly $6,000 in funds by falsely inflating the value of NDP caucus cheques. The money was never returned, and the woman at the centre of it all disappeared.

This was money from the taxpayers, and the NDP caucus was obliged to make every effort to assure this money was recovered. More importantly, this was fraud - and should have been immediately reported to the police. It was not.

A 1992 Regina Leader Post article quotes Glen Hagel, (now NDP Minister of Culture, Youth and Recreation), who was then chair of the NDP caucus, as refusing to answer any questions about the woman’s mysterious disappearance. Unnamed NDP officials were quoted as saying an audit turned up no evidence of any wrong-doing and police said no complaints had been registered against the woman.

The people of Saskatchewan deserve open, honest and accountable government. More and more, we’re seeing an NDP government in Saskatchewan that is failing to tell voters the whole truth.

This scandal is just the latest in a long line of NDP misinformation.

The NDP government tried to tell people the latest budget was balanced, but it’s not. Finally, after repeated questioning, NDP Finance Minister Andrew Thomson admitted in a nationally-televised interview that what he had introduced was, in fact, a deficit budget. To the tune of about $500 million!

After promising to fight the Carriere issue in the courts, the NDP surrendered the moral high ground and paid out $275,000 plus a three year pension top up, to Murdoch Carriere, a man convicted of assault and fired for harassment. Lorne Calvert claimed he was as surprised as anyone to discover that long standing complaints by women who worked for Carriere had been ignored. According to the Premier he, like everyone else in the NDP cabinet, found out about the case when he read about it in a newspaper. Later, when the Saskatchewan Party raised the matter in the house, the Premier scrambled reporters together for an after 5 p.m. news conference, where he confessed to receiving a letter from the women in question nearly a month before this issue was highlighted in the media.

When something goes wrong, people deserve to hear about it. The NDP obviously don’t agree and it shows.

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