Legislative Report (11 April 2007)

No End to the Carriere Scandal

“Would I do it again? You bet I would.”
 - Lorne Calvert, Hansard March 8, 2007 Pg. 760

“(Question from reporter) If you had to do the compensation over again, would you do the same deal?
(Answer from Lorne Calvert) Reviewing the circumstances and given the information I had to work with, the legal opinions and so on, I would say yes.”
 - April 11, 2007 Rotunda.

Saskatchewan Legislature. Across Saskatchewan, people are now receiving an important brochure from the Saskatchewan Party. It concerns the case of Murdoch Carriere, a man convicted of assault and fired for harassment. Mr. Carriere received $275,000 to settle a lawsuit with the province over the way he was dismissed. Mr. Carriere’s victims received far, far less.

The brochure offers each household in this province an opportunity to send a message directly to Lorne Calvert. It gives each of us an opportunity to express how we feel about this case. It’s important for everyone to take advantage of this opportunity.

For the past month, the Saskatchewan Party has raised this issue daily in the Legislative Assembly. We’ve asked questions on behalf of the nine women victims who stepped forward. We asked why earlier allegations of harassment involving Mr. Carriere were dismissed and not taken seriously. Some of these allegations date all the way back to 1997. We asked about connections Mr. Carriere had with past and current NDP MLAs. We asked the Premier when he found out about the nature of the allegations against Murdoch Carriere. And when it was discovered the Premier’s response was incorrect, we asked him why he decided to hold a hastily called news conference to change his story.

We asked for the release of the legal opinion that led to the settlement with Mr. Carriere. We asked for the settlement agreement. We asked for the legal agreement that led to the payments for the women. Finally, we asked for passage of a motion sending the Murdoch Carriere matter to a standing committee of the Assembly for an investigation.

At every turn and with every question, the NDP has thwarted any attempt to get to the truth. The NDP has taken every step in its power to avoid coming clean on the government’s incompetent and inept handling of the complaints put forward by these women.

A democracy will falter if a government feels it does not have to answer the questions it has been asked. This smacks of elitism and contempt for the people of our province.

The Saskatchewan Party asks that you read the brochure we have sent out. And we ask that you consider the issue carefully, and use this opportunity to send Lorne Calvert and the NDP a clear message: The Murdoch Carriere scandal must be investigated, so this tragic case isn’t repeated.

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