Legislative Report (15 March 2007)

Continued Population Loss Unacceptable

Not since the days of disco and bell bottoms has Saskatchewan’s population been this low. Yesterday, Statistics Canada released the latest Census numbers. And the picture does not look good for the province. Our population now sits at 968,157. In 2001, Saskatchewan’s population was 978,933. That’s a drop of more than 10,000 people. Imagine a city the size of Weyburn wiped off the map- that’s what has occurred under the leadership of Premier Calvert and the NDP government.

Under this tired and old NDP government, Saskatchewan’s population is at a 30 year low. This is unacceptable. Saskatchewan needs to grow if we are to continue to fund the social programs we enjoy, and the only way to do this is through an expanded tax base.

That is why population numbers matter so much. It’s our own tax dollars that fund everything from health care to highways. Without taxpayers, we wouldn’t have these things.

For the longest time, Calvert and the NDP government did not consider population loss important. It was only when the people of this province stood up with the Official Opposition Saskatchewan Party and said population loss is not sustainable that the NDP took notice.

If it were up to the NDP, they would be content with watching future generations move away from this province. But that is not what the Saskatchewan Party wants. We’ve heard form parents and grandparents that are sick and tired of visiting their kids in other provinces. We’ve heard from ex-pats who want to return, but are waiting for a change in government.

Population loss and census numbers are not just figures. They are real people. When the population drops by 10,000; that means 10,000 fewer people live in this province. Imagine how many doctors, lawyers, engineers, and contractors that is leaving this great province.

We have to make this stop. The Saskatchewan Party has the plan and the vision to make this province grow once again, and make Saskatchewan the place to be, not the place to be from.

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