Legislative Report (2 January 2007)

Will the NDP Deliver on Our Potential in 2007?

Reflect for a minute on the year that just past. Think how your family is doing; could they be doing better? Did the government do a good job? Did it make your life easier, or provide in the areas that matter to you like health care, social programs or highways?

In 2006, Saskatchewan had a very good year. Commodity prices were strong leading to the NDP government’s great fortune. Never has a government in the history of this province had so much surplus money.

Right now the NDP government is sitting on a billion dollar bank account. Not a million, but a billion. This is your money the NDP has socked away into an election slush fund while Saskatchewan people continue to languish on the longest surgical waiting lists in Canada, while the highways continue to crumble, and while your family continues to pay too much in taxes. Now, after hoarding up all this money for four years, the NDP is going to go on a pre-election spending spree – trying to buy your vote and hoping you will forget their mismanagement of the past four years. Ask yourself – is this good government or cynical politics?

This year, 2007, is going to be a remarkable year. In fact, I believe this could possibly be a ‘turning point’ year. In twenty years, historians may be referencing 2007 as the “Year of Saskatchewan”. The year that Saskatchewan took hold of Western Canada. The year families were able to live and stay together. The year expatriates starting coming home. People living in 2027 will say that 2007 was a good year for Saskatchewan.

But do you really think any of that can happen under and NDP government? If your answer is no, then think about the most important event that will take place in 2007 to start Saskatchewan on the road of position change – a provincial election and a change of government.

Opposition Leader Brad Wall and the entire Saskatchewan Party team have been working hard to provide a different kind of vision and leadership. One different from today’s NDP government. One that wants Saskatchewan to be a winner. One that makes sure Saskatchewan people see their tax dollars at work on things like health care and highways. And one that has people still talking in 20 years.

2007 could be a very good year for Saskatchewan and it starts with a change in government!

I hope you have had a safe and happy holiday season and I wish you all the best in 2007.  If you have a question about this report or any other matter, just Contact Lyle.

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