Historical Military Units

Saskatchewan's military history and tradition pre-dates its creation as a province in 1905. This page contains links to this storied past.

Organizing this information is a real challenge!  The historical information links of the many smaller Saskatchewan units are grouped under the major regimental formations that they eventually became a part of i.e the North Saskatchewan Regiment, Royal Regina Rifles, South Saskatchewan Regiment and Saskatchewan Dragoons.

North Saskatchewan Regiment

  1. 65th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force
  2. 16th/22nd Saskatchewan Horse
  3. 16th Mounted Rifles/Light Horse
  4. 19th Infantry Brigade
  5. Sgt. Hugh Cairns (Saskatoon)
  6. North Saskatchewan Regiment (Official Website)
  7. North Saskatchewan Regiment (Unofficial Website)
  8. North Saskatchewan Regiment (Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan)
  9. North Saskatchewan Regiment (Wikipedia)
  10. Saskatoon Light Infantry (U of S Archives)
  11. Saskatoon Light Infantry (Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan)
  12. The Prince Albert and Battleford Volunteers
  13. Battleford Light Infantry
  14. Prince Albert Volunteers
  15. Yorkton Regiment

Royal Regina Rifles

  1. Regina Rifles Picture File
  2. Regina Rifles: From Landing to Breakout in Normandy
  3. The Regina Rifles in World War II
  4. The Royal Regina Rifles
  5. Juno Beach (Regina Rifles)

South Saskatchewan Regiment

  1. 95th Regiment
  2. South Saskatchewan Regiment
  3. South Saskatchewan Regiment (Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan)
  4. The King's Own Rifles of Canada
  5. South Saskatchewan Regiment (Wikipedia)
  6. The Weyburn Regiment
  7. The Saskatchewan Border Regiment

Saskatchewan Dragoons

  1. 46th Canadian Infantry Battalion, CEF
  2. Saskatchewan Dragoons (Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan)
  3. Saskatchewan Dragoons (Official Website) and (Unofficial Website)
  4. 8th Reconnaissance Regiment (14th Canadian Hussars) Unofficial Website; see also 8th RECCE History
  5. 8th Reconnaissance Regiment (Wikipedia)

Other Historical Military Units

  1. Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan
  2. Military History of Saskatchewan
  3. 28th (Northwest) Battalion (Canadian Expeditionary Force)
  4. 196th (Western Universities) Battalion
  5. Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
  6. 60 Battery (Aneroid) and 76 Battery (Indian Head)
  7. 64 Field Battery (Yorkton)
  8. 77 Field Battery (Moose Jaw)
  9. 10th Field Regiment
  10. 18th Canadian Light Horse (Rosetown)

Sources and Other Informative Links

  1. Canadian Soldiers.com
  2. Royal Canadian Armoured Corps Association
  3. Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery
  4. Army.ca
  5. British Commonwealth Air Training Plan
  6. Warships With Saskatchewan Names
  7. Canadian Military History Gateway
  8. RCMP (History Section)
  9. Canadian Virtual War Memorial
  10. Soldiers of the First World War (CEF)