Legislative Debates (18 March 2005)

Legislative Debates

From Hansard - 18 March 2005

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Seventy-Five Minute Debate
Saskatchewans Energy Sector
Mr. Stewart: Mr. Deputy Speaker, my question is for the member from Prince Albert Northcote. Mr. Deputy Speaker, I have a map that illustrates oil and gas production in Saskatchewan and Alberta; oil is shown in green and gas in red on that map. Alberta is almost solid red and green. But the colour cuts off abruptly when you approach the Saskatchewan border.

Mr. Deputy Speaker, if this NDP government, having been in power for the vast majority of the last 60 years, hasnt been able to attract the energy sector to the province in all that time, what are the people of Saskatchewan supposed to believe has suddenly changed today?

Mr. Lautermilch: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I want to say to the member that Ive been well aware of the map that he and others have been trotting around. The lawyer that they had running against me for the Conservative Saskatchewan Party trotted that map around for 28 days in Prince Albert Northcote, an election in which he didnt win one poll. I won every one.

So what are the people of Saskatchewan to believe? People of Saskatchewan understand that theres a difference in the resource in Alberta versus Saskatchewan. They understand the difficulty in extracting the heavy oil here in our province. They understand that Albertas industry was based on light sweet crude and the majority of it is natural gas, which we have not near the amount of.

So quite clearly the activity has been different between Alberta and Saskatchewan. But I think the people of Saskatchewan also understand the fact that there are 24,000 people working in that industry as the result of the positive initiatives that this administration has put in place, and thats why theres so many wells being drilled here in the province.

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