Member Statement (21 March 2005)

Member Statement

From Hansard - 21 March 2005

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Regina Bull Sale Celebrates 100 Years
Mr. Stewart: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. A congratulations to the Regina bull sale on 100 years of service to the cattle industry. Yesterday there was an official ceremony including dignitaries, past presidents, and many of the families that have contributed over the years.

The Regina bull sale has always been an event in my life and for that of my family. I recall growing up in the country north of Pense several years ago, Mr. Speaker, when the municipal roads werent as good as they are today and it seemed that the winters in those years, there was a lot more snow and the road was blocked. But the Regina bull sale was such an important event that the municipality would open all the major roads so that producers could attend that sale, and that would sometimes be the first time wed get out by motor vehicle for more than two months.

The sale has dropped since then from a maximum of 1,000 bulls to about 200 this year because of the advent of Internet marketing, the tendency for larger producers to hold their own sales, as well as the cost to fit and show cattle, sometimes hundreds of miles from home, in these difficult times.

Many more years of service to the cattle industry to the Regina bull sale, Mr. Speaker.

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