Introduction of Guests
(5 December 2019)

From Hansard - 5 December 2019

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Students from Clive Draycott School in Bethune

Mr. Stewart: — Thank you, Mr. Speaker. It’s a great pleasure for me to introduce to you and through you to all members of this honourable Assembly, a group of 40 grade 3 to 8 students from the great town of Bethune, in the west gallery, Mr. Speaker, and a fine-looking bunch they are. And they’re accompanied today by their teachers, Tayler Riche, Grant Meyer, and sub teacher, Brenda Heaslip. Mr. Speaker, I hope that all members will give them a very warm welcome to their Legislative Assembly. And I’ll be happy to meet with them in the Qu’Appelle Gallery at 11 o’clock.

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