Presenting Petitions
(5 November 2019)

From Hansard - 5 November 2019

Opposition to Federal Carbon Tax

Mr. Stewart: — Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I’m pleased to rise today to present a petition from citizens who are opposed to the federal government’s decision to impose an unfair and ineffective carbon tax on the province of Saskatchewan.

I’d like to read the prayer:

We, in the prayer that reads as follows, respectfully request that the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan take the following action: to cause the Government of Saskatchewan to take the necessary steps to stop the federal government from imposing a carbon tax on the province.

Mr. Speaker, this petition is signed by the good citizens of Herbert, Moose Jaw, Regina, and Saskatoon. I do so present.

Mr. Speaker, this petition is signed by the citizens of Hepburn and Regina. I do so present.

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